Common Birds in Urban Manila

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Just when I was really getting deep into birding and bird photography, COVID-19 pandemic happened. Suddenly we’re the ones locked up like a cage in our own houses looking out to the wild birds outside. Luckily, if you have a garden or a backyard that’s a luxury enough to enjoy the activity, but for others the window would suffice. Any which way, if you find yourself staring at the open sky or nearby trees, make sure to notice the common Birds in Urban Manila. Birding is an easy activity, one just need a set of eyes, ears to listen and time to observe.

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The White’s Thrush of La Mesa Eco Park

White's Thrush perched on a fruit branch

Since the start of the year, my facebook timeline had been bombarded by photos of this scaly white bird found at the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City. It’s the White’s Thrush, my birding friends label. A fascinating migrant bird temporarily making the mini-forest of the park as its home. Last weekend, I finally got to personally encounter this global-traveling thrush when birding friends Allan, Czer, Romz and Edwin organized a sortie at the La Mesa Eco Park. I didn’t have a teaching schedule that day so I happily obliged.

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Centro Estetico by Dr H : HydraFacial and RevLite Laser Treatment

We all need skin care treatment one way or another. Especially for people like us who travel a lot. We get to be exposed to the sun more often. And it’s no secret that the sun is one cause for skin to prematurely age, be damaged or worse, cause skin cancer. I may not have a flawless skin. I even have lots of pimple scars and oily skin. But I do know the need for basic skin care and once in a while, I do visit my derm clinic. Recently I was referred by a friend to try Centro Estetico by Dr H in Timog Quezon City. Yes, that’s a long way from Pasig but they do have treatments worth paying a visit for. Like their new HydraFacial and RevLite Laser.

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What should good brand tracking do?

Brand tracking in extremely basic terms shows you how your brand is performing with consumers. It should also highlight how similar brands are also performing with consumers. As well as showing you generally, how your brand is performing in the whole market. In this article though, we will look at what good brand tracking should do for a business. There will be three main areas: new insights, decision making and context.

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4 Types of Design Aided by Technology

Although you might traditionally think of design having more of a connection to pen and paper than technology, there are many modern ways in which technology helps designers to improve and establish their skills and work. This article will cover some of the main elements of design and how technology aids designers in these factions to digitize, create, and give inspiration to their designs.

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Key skills needed to be a Probation Officer

Probation Officer

Probation officer jobs are no walk in the park, that’s for sure. You will often find yourself in very stressful, aggravating situations. In this article, we will analyze three main key skills needed to be a probation officer. This will help give context to why these skills are needed, and hopefully help you understand whether you are suitable for such a role. If this sort of role does interest you, I implore you to look at it in more detail and find further information in terms of official qualifications needed and specific career paths that can be sought after.

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